In CPS and elsewhere, cash incentives paying off for students

Next week, the district will make its third payout under its
pilot pay-for-grades program, a controversial initiative that allows high
school students to earn cash toward college for good grades. More students have
signed up for the program since its launch in September, CPS says. Among high schools
contacted by Catalyst, the percentage of students who received checks for good
grades was rise over the first two payouts. 

Fundraising, recruiting and facilities problems kill Choir Academy

Some charter schools have waiting lists, but the Choir Academy of Chicago had the opposite problem. Recruiting difficulties and other troubles kept the school from reaching its enrollment goals and forced its decision to shut down at the end of the school year. Brigitte Erbe, former board member of Choir Academy, talked about the difficulties.

Fundraising: Fundraising was always a problem, even when the Chicago Children’s Choir was in charge. Early on, we were hurt because it took so long to get our non-profit status approved. We couldn’t apply for grants in the meantime.