Article sold Manley short

nearly three times as many Manley students are reading at or above national norms (up from 7.5 to 20.8%);

nearly 20% fewer students are performing in the bottom quartile in Reading;

four times as many Manley graduates are going on to college;

over two-thirds of Manley’s core content area teachers have been actively involved in this effort;

classroom teaching has substantially improved (based on rubric-guided observations conducted by outside evaluators);

Schools buckle down despite confusion

Probation has caused mass confusion at our school. We were placed on probation in September, but the team didn’t come to the school until the first week in November. In the meantime, we were told not to do anything, so we put everything on hold. Later, when we were asked if we had an external partner, we said we didn’t because we didn’t know we were supposed to look for one. We thought the board was going to assign one.