Guiding steps through healing process

Hello, her name is Mary, and she’s an incest survivor. It took Mary three meetings to be able to say her greeting out loud. This breakthrough came in 1999–”43 years after Mary was first sexually abused, at age 7, by one of her older brothers. Since then, she says, Survivors of Incest Anonymous, a 12-step, self-help support group modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, has guided her through the healing process. But when she recalls her first meeting, she remembers fear.

Retirement less lucrative for Latino seniors

The news: Legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives are considering raising the full retirement age to 70 from 67, as part of solutions proposed by a deficit commission to save Social Security money for future generations. Behind the news: The proposed age change is likely to hit the pocketbooks of Latino seniors the hardest, according to a Chicago Reporter analysis of census data. Latino seniors have the lowest amount of income among all elderly demographic groups, at an average of nearly $18,000 per year. That’s $31,000 less than the average for white seniors. African-American seniors had the second lowest average, at $23,000 per year.