For the Record: Schools CEO salary

Even though Jean-Claude Brizard’s current annual salary puts him on the
low end of the market compared to other leaders of large urban school
districts, the fact that it is more than his predecessor is likely to
spur questions as he contends with a $720 million budget deficit.

CPS releases new guide to bring back recess

For six years, Lynn Morton and her parent activist group POWER-PAC have fought for recess in Chicago’s elementary schools. With the release Monday of a new Chicago Public Schools guide to
implementing recess, it looks like the work is finally paying off. 

National debate re-emerges

Chicago’s debate over social promotion has faded for the most part. In Illinois, few followed the city’s lead in making standardized test scores a primary factor in retaining children.  Many large districts and charter schools say they look at multiple factors before holding children back and don’t pass students along for social reasons—but don’t fail large numbers of students either. Outside of Chicago and Illinois, though, social promotion is re-emerging as an issue.