Latino schools keep more kids

While most Spanish-speaking students transition out of bilingual education classes before high school, many do not score high enough on the English-language Iowa Tests of Basic Skills to win admission to high schools outside the area, says Martha Monrroy, a counselor at Orozco, an elementary school that feeds into Juarez High in Pilsen.

Comings and goings

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS John H. Lewis, former assistant principal at Hope College Prep School, is now contract principal at Libby. He replaces Beverly Blake, who retired this summer. … Christine T. Munns, former assistant principal at Sauganash, is now contract principal. She replaces interim principal Rafael Sanchez. … Philistine Tweedle, former interim principal at Beasley Academy, is now contract principal. … Olga LaLuz, principal at Chase, and Noble L. Pearce, principal at Attucks, have had their contracts renewed. … Based on the recommendations of a hearing officer, Noreen Nagle, who was removed from Prosser High School in October 1995, was officially dismissed as a principal employed by the Chicago Board of Education. Nagle had been reassigned after the board declared Prosser was in educational crisis. At the same time, published reports alleged that Nagle had changed failing grades of the LSC chairman’s daughter.

Overlooked high school seeking better students

The goal would not be easy to achieve. Saddled with a bad reputation after years of dwindling enrollment and bottom-of-the-barrel test scores, Orr had been placed on intervention, a sanction imposed on the system’s lowest-performing schools. Orr had been reconstituted with a new principal two years earlier.