U.S. Education Pressured by International Comparisons

Americans learn a bit more every year about the strengths and shortcomings of the education systems in other countries, thanks to a steady raft of international test data, academic scholarship, and analysis arriving from home and abroad. Today, elected officials of all political stripes and advocates for a range of school policies scrutinize the results from international exams and comparisons with the intensity that, a decade ago, would have been reserved for state and local test scores.

Ed Week: State Legislatures Notch Major K-12 Policy Changes

The frenetic legislative season now finished or wrapping up in many
states has brought big changes to education policy, some forged through
bipartisan compromise, others only after hyperpartisan battles. Republican
leaders who swept into office last fall—when the GOP won a majority of
governorships and took control of both legislative chambers in 25
states—wasted no time pushing through ambitious and often controversial
education agendas.