Every month, we like to check-in with our favorite local journalists and bloggers for a segment called, “Shop Talk.”

We get their perspectives on the stories of the day. Then, they tell us about developments in local news that they liked, and ones they disliked. Lastly, they tell us those moments that made them go WTF!

Joining us today are Maria Zamudio of The Chicago Reporter and Don Hall of WBEZ. Our Guest Host is Melanie Coffee of The Chicago Reporter.

Here’s a few of the stories we’ve got an eye on —


Twenty-eight aldermen co-signed a resolution urging the Illinois General Assembly to extend driving privileges to 250,000 undocumented immigrants.


This week Mitt Romney told his donors the reason why Barack Obama won the presidency was because he was giving gifts to groups such as the black community, the Hispanic community and young people. The gifts were the health care overhaul, forgiving college loan interests and giving Latino’s what he called “amnesty.”


A Brooklyn drug dealer is helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. He’s donated about two days’ proceeds from selling weed…about $700….to help people in the hard hit Rockaway section of Queens!

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