NEW HIRES Chuck Burbridge, deputy chief fiscal officer, was deputy CFO for Cook County Bureau of Finance. Salary: $97,000. … Chris Hoagland, first deputy budget director, was assistant city budget director. Salary: $80,000. … Elaine Ferguson, director of Employee Health Services, was a private physician at American International Hospital. Salary: $80,000. … Andrea Kerr, director of academic program improvement, was principal of Mollison Elementary. Salary: $75,000.

NEW HIRES, CONTINUED The following administrators continue in their previous jobs: Walter Allen, director of Funded Programs; Fred Chesek, coordinator of Teachers for Chicago; Andrew Gilchrist, controller; Patricia Ann Johnson, coordinator of Teachers for Chicago; Alice Perez Peters, director of Language and Culture; Alvin Peterson, director of Equal Educational Opportunity Programs; Velma Thomas, director of Early Childhood Education.

REGION FACILITATORS The following have been appointed region facilitators for the Office of School and Community Relations. They are responsible for conflict management, coordinating LSC elections and providing liaison among the board, schools, community organizations and LSCs. Region 1: Ada Lopez, former co-director, Office for Reform. Region 2: Dolores Guerrero, former District 5 administrator. Region 3: James Deanes, former president, Parent Community Council. Region 4: William Davis, facilitator, Office of Funded Programs. Region 5: Beverly Butler, former coordinator, Office for Reform. Region 6. Estella Jarrett, former co-director, Office for Reform.

WEEKLY REFORM UPDATES The CityWide Coalition for School Reform is faxing weekly updates of school reform news and events. To get on the list or provide information, contact Grace Troccolo at (312) 431-8452.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION The Illinois Institute for Dispute Resolution is sponsoring a two-day workshop, “Creating the Peaceable School” on Jan. 30-31 at the Marriott Hotel in Chicago. Registration is $200 per person and should be made as soon as possible. For more information, call (217) 384-4118.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS The following administrators, teachers and assistant, acting and interim principals have received full principal contracts: Marjorie Adams, Nettlehorst; Alejandro Alvarez, Bowen High; Shirley Antwi-Barfi, Jensen/Miller Child/Parent Center; Renaud Beaudoin, Newberry; Beverly Bennett, Simpson Alternative High; Myron Berger, Near North Special Education Center; Lona Bibbs, Westinghouse Vocational High; James Burns, Henry; Arlene Coffey, Esmond; Isabel Mesa Collins, Drummond; Michael Connolly, Canty; Carolyn Draper, Cullen; Lloyd Ehrenberg, Prussing.

MORE NEW PRINCIPALS Barbara Ellis, Bennett/Shedd; John Everett, Simeon Vocational High; Diane Grissett, Gompers; Roy Pletsch, De La Cruz; Jerome Presley, Warren; Henry Rice, Penn; M. Graciela Shelley, Darwin; Virginia Rivera, McCormick; Oliver Ruff, Williams; Cheryl Rutherford, Lindblom Technical High; Barbara Sims, Shoesmith; Barbara Stepto, Mahalia Jackson; Jacqueline Taylor-Anderson, Young; Lawrence Turner, Mann; Arthur Wimberly, Carver High.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS RENEWED Milton Albritton, Wadsworth; Patricia Anderson, Sullivan High; William Auski, Farren; Gloria Baker, O’Keefe; Patricia Bauldrick, Bontemps; Sharon Bean, Hinton; Anthony Biegler, South Loop; Lionel Bordelon, Kozminski; Alford Bridges, Gresham; Joyce Bristow, Black Magnet; Myrtle Burton-Sahara, Locke; Phyllis Charles, Hitch; Kathleen Connors, Lyon; Patricia Doherty, Washington; Rickey Dorsey, Smyth/Joyner Child/Parent Center; Barbara Eason-Watkins, McCosh; Barbara Edwards, Harlan High; Warren Franczyk, Bethune; Winifred French, Reavis; Inez Garber, McCutcheon; Sherye Garmony-Miller, Gregory; Stuart Gold, Gray; Louise Harris-Perez, Key; John Hawkins, Woodson South; Maria Lucila Howell, Tonti; Georgia Hudson, Lathrop; Howard Jackson, Dewey Academy and Child/Parent Center; Joyce Johnson, Dubois; Patrick Keating Sr., Dirksen; Karen Kerr, Bond; Carl Lawson Sr., Price.

MORE RENEWALS Noel LeVeaux, Mason; Fausto Lopez, Jungman; Diane Maciejewski, Edgebrook; James Malles, Medill Intermediate and Upper; Nora Malloy, Frazier; Barbara Martin, Hoyne; Genevieve Massey, Caldwell; Carolyn McGehee, Curtis; James Menconi, Monroe; William Meuer, Norwood Park; Harold Miller, Jefferson; Charles Mingo, DuSable High; Rita Mitchell, Carter; Geraldine Moore, Beidler; Gary Morielio, Gladstone; Janice Preston, Ryder; Barbara Reid Gardner, Hirsch High; Rachel Resnick, Field; C. Scott Rzechula, Burr; Donald Schmitt, Ryerson; Angelena Smith, Carroll and Rosenwald branch; Peter Smith, Neil; Gloria Stratton, Niños Heroes; Allen Stringfellow, Dodge; Gail Ward, Agassiz; Earl Williams, Avalon Park; Mary Williams, Tesla Alternative High; Dorothy Young, Delano.

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