NATIONAL CERTIFICATION Physics and environmental science teacher Michael Lach of Lake View High School and biology teacher Ann West of DuSable High School are two of 1,836 teachers nationwide to have earned National Board Certification. To earn certification, teachers undergo a year-long series of evaluations of their teaching skills and content knowledge. Among other assessments, teachers must submit samples of student work and videotaped lessons.

CENTRAL OFFICE Carlos Ponce, the city’s commissioner of general services, has been named human resources director of the Chicago Public Schools. He replaces Tom Doyle, who retired earlier this year.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS Local school councils have renewed contracts with the following principals Hiram F. Broyls, Burbank; Christ A. Kalamatas, Von Humbolt; and Reynes Reyes, Brentano. Principal contracts have been awarded to Valerie Brown, Hamline; and Ruth Knight, DePriest. The following interim principals have also been awarded principal contracts: Ken Anton, Bridge; Lenore Badar, Shoesmith; Joseph Gartner, Byrd; Mary Lou Gutierrez, Everett; Audrey Johnson, O’Toole; Alan Molesky, Barnard; Juanita Saucedo, Kanoon; Faye Terrell-Perkins, Tilton.

INTERIM PRINCIPALS The following have been named interim principals by Chief Executive Officer Paul Vallas: Michael M. Woods, principal at Westcott, Cook County Jail High School; Cynthia B. Dougal, Region 2 Office, Nettlehorst; Patricia Monroe-Taylor, teacher at Clinton, Clinton. … Local school councils have selected the following interim principals: Lenora M. Austin, teacher at Westcott, Westcott; Sherry A. Gage, assistant principal at Stagg, Stagg; Diana C. Rochon, a principal in the Office of Accountability, Calhoun.

LSCAB ELECTION As Catalyst goes to press, ballots were being distributed to local school council members for the election of new regional representatives to the Local School Council Advisory Board (LSCAB). The six regional representatives will be joined by nine members appointed by the School Reform Board. They will take their seats after the Reform Board’s January meeting, says Rudolfo Serna, the board’s deputy director of school and community relations. Ballots are due back by Dec. 4.

RESEARCH REPORTS AVAILABLE The Consortium on Chicago School Research has released three studies on the quality of instruction in the Chicago public elementary schools. “The Quality of Intellectual Work in Chicago Schools” finds that most classroom assignments offer students little or no challenge. In cases where teachers do assign more complex tasks, however, students tend to produce high-quality work. “It’s About Time” examines the amount of time that teachers spend on instruction during the school day and year. “Setting the Pace” finds that the typical 8th-grade math teacher is focusing on 5th-grade math skills, but that schools with strong faculty collaboration are keeping pace with grade level. (For more on this report, see Catalyst, September 1998.) Consortium studies may be ordered at (773) 702-3364.

PARENT TRAINING The Chicago Public Schools Office of Specialized Services offers training for parents of students with special needs. Topics include behavior management and changes in CPS special education curriculum. For a list of session dates and times, contact Nancy Ocompo at (773) 535-7922 or (773) 535-8332.

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