The following are excerpts from the Boston Public School Plan for Whole School Change. They address the objective of examining student work and data in relation to the citywide learning standards. The goal is to identify students’ needs, to improve assignments and instruction, to assess student progress, and to inform professional development.

Key Activities

train teachers to look at student work and create time blocks in the daily schedule for this activity.

fully assess student work to find out students’ current aptitudes, where they need to go, and how to get them there.

use professional development tools and resources from the Institute for Learning, as well as work with national networks and consultants.

develop competencies at each school that meet or exceed the Citywide Learning Standards.

Evidence of Progress

examples of good work, developed by teachers; evidence of student work that meets standards and provides data on individual students.

professional development for teachers; full assessment by teachers and administrators to determine school-wide and classroom instructional needs; use of technology to consult with colleagues.

public access to student work through portfolios and exhibitions.

Measuring Progress

annual interviews and surveys of teachers, parents, students, as well as feedback from visits with external staff; written reports from school teams and coaches.

quarterly review of student work and annual review of student products and school portfolios.

analysis of pre- and post-New Standards results; effective use of Stanford 9 and other data; School Quality Review.

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