When CPS split six regions into 24 areas, it quadrupled the number of
top administrators—and raised their salaries 11 percent to boot.
District officials say the initiative is “revenue neutral” because
it cut or plans to close 62 central and region office positions to offset
the additional costs. (Among them, 30 from the Office of Schools and Regions
and 11 Drug Free program coordinators.) However, those calculations do
not factor in the salaries and benefits paid to reading coaches, technology
specialists and other support staff who work directly with schools.* Area
offices employ twice as many administrators and office support staff than
did the regions, costing an additional $4.5 million.

Areas vs. Regions

Total FY04

Total FY02

Area Instructional Officer 24 $3.4 million
($142,766 each)
Region Education Officers 6 $775,000
($129,167 each)
Management Support Director 24 $2.5 million Administrators 15 $1.5 million
Business Managers 6 $611,000 Business Managers 6 $580,000
Office Support 30 $1.6 million Office Support 15 $777,000
Total 84 $8.2 million Total 42 $3.7 million

*For now, funds to pay expanded support staff come other departments.
For instance, reading coaches are paid out of the Chicago Reading Initiative

SOURCE: CPS Department of Management and Budget

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