In January, the Reform Board approved a policy giving the chief executive officer, or his designee, the power to require drug testing of a board employee when there is a “reasonable suspicion” that the employee may be using drugs or alcohol in the workplace.

Punishment for employees who test positive can include termination.

The policy also requires the CEO to provide information on drug abuse counseling, rehabilitation and other assistance as part of the board’s ongoing employee drug and alcohol awareness program.


A year and a half after taking office, school system administrators have produced a telephone directory with listings for schools, regions and central office departments.

“We were undergoing major restructuring and reorganization,” explains spokesperson Tabrina Davis. “We’ve been downsized twice. Given that fact, we didn’t want to put out anything that would be obsolete.”

Unlike the previous directory, published in 1994, the new directory does not include the names of local school council chairs, school engineers or lunchroom managers.

Copies for the general public are available for $10 from the Office of Building Management, (773) 535-8900.

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