Global Educators Outreach
Year started: 2000
Participants: 36 from other countries
Sponsors: CPS, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization
Service. Participants take courses at DePaul University.
Certification goal: Regular after three years.

Teach for America
Year started: 2000
Participants: 38 recent college grads
Sponsors: Houston-based Teach for America, National-Louis University.

Certification goal: Alternative after one year.

Northwestern University Teacher Education Alternative for Chicago
Year started: 1998
Participants: About 30, mainly mid-career adults
Sponsors: CPS, Northwestern University, Golden Apple Foundation.
Certification goal: Alternative after one year; must teach for
four years before applying for a standard certificate.

Golden Apple Teacher Education
Year started: 1998
Participants: 54
Sponsors: CPS, Golden Apple Foundation, Northwestern University.
Certification goal: Alternative after one year.

Urban Teachers Corps
Year started: 1992
Participants: 7 finishing this year
Sponsors: CPS, DePaul University, the Peace Corps.
Certification goal: Regular after one or two years.

Teachers for Chicago
Year started: 1992
Participants: 95
Sponsors: CPS, Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago Council of Area
Deans of Education. Initially, Golden Apple Foundation.
Certification goal: Regular after two years.

Mandy Burrell

Sources: Program officials

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