protester carries a megaphone as the crowd chants “Hold your burgers, hold your fries make our wages supersize” and “Hey, Jeff, look around, your fast-food workers run this town.”

More than 20 McDonald’s workers and members of the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago demonstrated Friday outside the Union League Club of Chicago, where McDonald’s USA president Jeff Stratton spoke.

Protesters brandishing megaphones and signs called for a $15-per-hour minimum wage and the right to unionize without retaliation as part of the Fight for 15 campaign, which calls for an improved standard of living for Chicago workers. The protesters chanted slogans like “We can’t survive on 8.25”and “Hold your burgers, hold your fries, make our wages supersize.” Drivers honked their approval, and bus riders cheered the picket line and raised their fists in solidarity.

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