The following organizations provide training or information on creating challenging assignments for students and analyzing student work:

Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Looking at Student Work

This web site provides explanations, resources and examples.

In Providence, R.I., (401) 863-7990

Chicago Annenberg Challenge

“Throwing Down the Gauntlet: How Quality Curriculum Challenges Students”

This collection of five essays by educators describes quality assignments used in classrooms and how they worked.

Contact: Chryssa Atkinson

(312) 413-0307

Consortium on Chicago School Research

A copy of its study on the quality of intellectual work in selected Chicago public schools can be ordered through this web site.

(773) 702-3364

Participation Associates

Provides in-school training and support.

Contact: John Simmons

(312) 935-5858

Small Schools Workshop

Provides workshops.

Contact: Steven Strull

(312) 413-9417

Teachers Task Force

Provides workshops and in-school support.

Contact: RaeLynne Toperoff

(312) 986-9238

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