Under the new probation policy, schools are rated on an eight point scale. Three points or less lands a school on probation; six points or more gets them off. Those in the middle may fall into either category at the district’s discretion.

Schools earn points for meeting each of four performance goals. They also earn points for improving or holding steady on each of those measures, compared to their previous three-year average.

Schools with exceptionally high performance, such as 85 percent meeting standards on a state exam, can earn an improvement point even if performance declines.

Elementary Schools

40 percent or more of students must:

* Meet standards on ISAT in reading, math and science


* Student absentee rate does not exceed 15 days a year.

High Schools

* At least 60 percent of students graduate within five years.

* At least 30 percent meet state standards on the Prairie State Achievement Exam composite score for all subjects.

* At least 35 percent post average national gains on the Explore, Plan and ACT tests.

* Student absentee rate does not exceed 15 days a year.

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