Chicago Public Schools has allotted nearly $47 million so far to plan and launch its transformation project in 25 schools. The district plans to spend another $35 million to expand the effort in 2008, adding as many as 20 schools to the mix and extending the effort into the upper grades in participating schools. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is footing much of the bill, giving CPS nearly $28 million to date. Next year’s investments will include:

Human capital: $15.9 million
Curriculum providers
  60 instruction coaches $7.6 million
  8 managers $1 million
Chicago Public Schools
  Prep periods for 135 lead teachers $1.9 million
  Staff professional development $4 million
  Leadership support $1.4 million
Materials: $14.1 million
  New books and materials $10.9 million
  Computers and technology $3.2 million
Other costs : $5.4 million
  Student assessments $3 million
  Curriculum development $2.4 million
TOTAL FY09: $35.4 million
Source: Chicago Public Schools

Pinching schools

Schools participating in transformation earmark $300 per student from their discretionary funds to help pay for the initiative. Schools pick from eight different curriculum packages in English, math and science, and then roll out the new materials in freshman classes. In the second and third years, schools expand the effort into 10th and 11th grades, nearly tripling their per-pupil costs in the process.

Total cost to schools

Average cost per school

14 Transformation schools in 2007


25 Transformation schools in 2008


45 Transformation schools in 2009


Note: Estimate used for 2009 costs
Source: CPS Office of High School Transformation

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