Members of the Palatine Sikh community attended a special service at the Palatine Gurdwara for the victims of the Wisconsin shooting and the whole Sikh community. Photo by William Camargo. 

As hundreds flooded into the Palatine Sikh Gurdwara, or temple, Monday night, all being required to remove their shoes and cover their heads, those of other faiths were identifiable by one thing: the educational pamphlets they had picked up on their way in. 

Interfaith religious tolerance was a message returned to again and again Monday night, as speakers offered their prayers for the six victims in the Sunday Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting. The candlelight vigil, held by the Sikh Religious Society, 1280 W. Winnetka St., welcomed people of all faiths to share in the sorrow and learn about Sikh culture and customs.

[Photos by Lucio Villa and William Camargo]