Editor Kimbriell Kelly and Reporter Jeff Kelly Lowenstein delivered testimony during a joint hearing of the Illinois Senate’s Public Health and Human Services committees held on Nov. 5. Kelly and Kelly Lowenstein shared details of The Chicago Reporter‘s nursing home investigation, highlighting racial disparities in quality ratings, staffing and safety measures among the state’s nearly 800 nursing homes.

Journalists, academics and community activists from at least five states have sought the Reporter’s data analyses from its nursing homes investigation.

The requests have focused on data that illuminate racial disparities in nursing home ratings for quality and safety between majority-black nursing homes and majority-white nursing homes.

Copy Editor Stacie Williams has left the Reporter. On a freelance basis, Williams has served as the Reporter’s copy editor since 2007. She is moving to Boston where she will pursue a master’s degree in library science at Simmons College’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

Williams first joined the Reporter in 2005 as a writer. She left the Reporter to join the staff of Modern Healthcare as a full-time copy editor but continued to contribute to the Reporter as a freelance writer. As copy editor, Williams penned cover text, headlines and subheads and proofread copy for the entire print magazine. We wish her well in her new endeavor.

Citing a reassessment of its funding priorities, The Chicago Community Trust discontinued support of Chicago Matters, a public information series with programming by WTTW11, Chicago Public Radio, the Chicago Public Library and the Reporter. The Reporter had been involved since 1997.