State certification

Two year’s teaching experience

Master’s degree in any subject

25 semester hours of university coursework in instruction, public-school management and public policy

Clinical experience

Passing score on a basic skills test.

Passing score on a test of knowledge in general administration.

CPS requirements

Chicago residency (waived for current CPS employees living in suburbs).

A total of six years of teaching and administrative or supervisory experience.

Excellent or superior efficiency ratings.

70 clock hours of workshops in teacher and staff evaluation, observation, remediation and professional development.

Six-week internship with an approved Chicago principal. (Waived for full-time assistant principals and principals outside CPS.)

Acceptance by a local school council.

Attendance at a four-day induction that covers a wide range of topics, from parent involvement to payroll.

Steps to remain a principal

State requirements:

12 clock hours of administrative coursework

CPS requirements:

After four years, contract renewal by the local school council

Positive evaluation by the regional education officer.

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