Governor- and Lieutenant Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker and Juliana Stratton greet supporters with their families after election results handed the Democratic team a decisive win Nov. 6.

Now Pritzker needs to keep his progressive promises

J.B. Pritzker won a resounding victory by outspending Gov. Bruce Rauner at every turn, downplaying ethical questions and racial tensions in his campaign, and presenting a clear alternative to Rauner’s failed incumbency. In a number of areas he took positions that were more progressive than the Democratic mainstream. But getting results on those promises will take lots of work on his part and even more organizing by activists. One key issue separated the two candidates: Pritzker was elected on a clear platform of implementing a progressive income tax, with higher rates for wealthier taxpayers. That’s an absolute necessity if Illinois is to get it’s fiscal house in order, meet its constitutional duty to fund schools adequately, and rebuild a safety net that Rauner decimated.