Worldwide protests over the disappearance of more than three dozen Mexican college students spread to Chicago on Wednesday. 

A group of about 40 teachers—members of the Chicago Teachers Union and CTU Latino Caucus—gathered outside of the Mexican consulate to demand that more be done to find the missing students and punish those responsible for taking them away from their school two weeks ago. The 43 missing students attended a rural teaching college in Ayotzinapa, in the southern state of Guerrero. 

The group delivered a letter to the consul general, asking for the safe return of the students and demanding that the government go after those responsible. 

“We will continue to be vigilant about the circumstances surrounding the students and teachers in Mexico, and will continue to fight to defend public education and the human and political rights of all citizens,” the letter said. 

Demonstrations at consulates in the U.S. and Europe were planned to coincide with a national protest in Mexico. Some of the biggest protests in Mexico have occurred in Chilpancingo, just 20 minutes from where the students were taken. In Mexico City, about 10,000 people took to the streets.

Shortly after the students disappeared, however, a mass grave was found containing 28 bodies. Authorities still are conducting investigations and DNA tests to determine the identity of the bodies, according to news reports.

[Photos by Grace Donnelly and William Camargo]