Tracking coronavirus cases in Illinois, daily

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The Chicago Reporter is tracking Illinois coronavirus case data provided by the Illinois Department of Health, which is updated daily. This data is published on websites run by the Office of the Governor and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

This is a work in progress. County-level figures only contain the number of confirmed cases and deaths, not the number of people tested or number of negative tests. This page will be updated and improved over time and as Illinois state agencies and local governments release data related to the virus.

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The state is confirming COVID-19 cases through laboratory results, which includes state laboratories as well as commercial and hospital laboratories that are reporting. But since testing kits remain limited, the number of new cases can only be confirmed to the extent that testing is available.

“As testing increases, we do expect to see the number of cases to increase,” said Public Information Officer Kim Biggs. “Right now, about 85% of the tests that we’ve done have been negative, so only 15% have been positive cases.”

We are making this data available in an Observable notebook for analysis and easier access to the state data feed. Want to feature this information on your website? You can embed this map and chart, in English or Spanish, for free! The figures will be updated automatically as soon as the state provides data. See terms and instructions here.

Asraa Mustufa contributed reporting.