• Repairman632

    The Dyett hunger strikers gave the lie to the entire sales pitch of “school choice” by demonstrating quite clearly that “choice” is a lie since parents never have had nor are ever permitted to have a seat at the table where what will be made available to choose from is decided upon. As was shown by the mayors and CPS’s reactions to the hunger strikers, parents and community members who dare to raise their voices to make their actual choice known are ridiculed, marginalized and denied. This is true all over America, and the Dyett hunger strikers proved that the mayor and CPS are solidly on the side of those who do not care about the actual choices that parents want to make on behalf of their kids. Their plan for Dyett was world class, a school that any community would be very happy with, but Rahm and Claypool didn’t dare establish a precedent for real choice by implementing that world class plan. Those control freaks had to prevent that at all costs on behalf of the false choice pushers that they get their marching orders from.