Here are the CPS-related cuts made by Gov. Rod Blagojevich, as well as a list of items that remain in the budget.

District-wide and miscellaneous cuts:

$5 million for severely overcrowded schools

$3.5 million for charter school startup grants

$625,000 for schools in Edgewater and Rogers Park

$500,000 for auditorium renovations at Nettelhorst

$150,000 for the United Neighborhood Organization to build a new charter school at 47th and California

$150,000 for the United Neighborhood Organization to build a new charter school at an unspecified location

$50,000 for Pedro Albizu Campos High School for its dual enrollment program

$50,000 for Tonti for a new playground

$50,000 for an alternative energy careers program at Chicago High School for the Agricultural Sciences

$25,000 for Amundsen High for computer lab improvements

$25,000 for UPLIFT School for security cameras

$25,000 for Clemente High college prep programs

$20,000 for Farnsworth for a park project

$20,000 for Ravenswood for library improvements

$20,000 for Jacqueline Vaughn Occupational High for unspecified programs

The following schools lost grants for repairs and operations:

$25,000, Powell

$25,000, Murray Language Academy

$25,000, Arnold Mireles Academy

$25,000, Canter Middle

$25,000, Carnegie

$25,000, Bradwell

$25,000, Black Branch Magnet

$25,000, Parkside Community Academy

$25,000, O’Keefe

$25,000, Ninos Heroes

$25,000, Bouchet

$25,000, Sullivan

$25,000, James N. Thorpe

$25,000, Shoesmith

$25,000, Ray

$25,000, Bret Harte

$25,000, Carver Primary

The following schools lost money for after-school programs:

$25,000, Burroughs

$25,000, McCormick

$25,000, Christopher

$40,000, Earle

$20,000, Falconer

$20,000, Goethe

$20,000, Avondale

$20,000, Barry

$20,000, Darwin

$20,000, Logandale Middle

$20,000, Monroe

$20,000, Schubert

$20,000, Yates

$20,000, Chase

$20,000, Brentano

$20,000, Alexander Graham

$20,000, Julian

$20,000, Kids Off the Block Organization at Curtis

$20,000, Brock Social Services Organization at Dunne

$20,000, Aspira Alternative High

These grants remain part of the budget. Money for some of the grants at individual schools is not earmarked for specific programs:

$3.4 million for charter school assistance

$75,000, Norwood Park, capital improvements

$75,000, Onahan, capital improvements

$75,000, Ebinger, capital improvements

$75,000, Oriole Park, capital improvements

$75,000, John W. Garvy, capital improvements

$30,000, Mayer

$30,000, Waters

$30,000, Prescott

$30,000, Coonley

$30,000, Jahn

$30,000, Hamilton

$30,000, Lincoln

$30,000, Agassiz

$30,000, Alcott

$30,000, Drummond

$30,000, Audubon

$30,000, Bell

$30,000, Blaine

$30,000, Burley

$25,000, Lane Tech High

$25,000, Lakeview High

$25,000, Lincoln Park High

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