What happened to the closed school in your neighborhood?


The Chicago Reporter is tracking the status of the public schools that were shuttered five years ago in the largest mass school closure in U.S. history. There are still nine schools that have yet to sell or be marked for reuse. They are located in mostly poor, African-American neighborhoods on Chicago’s South and West sides. In many cases, developers that purchased a school are still lining up financing, so the buildings have seen little change.

We will continue to update this map as part of The Reporter’s ongoing series, “Empty schools, empty promises,” which explores the aftermath of the school closures. (Updated: Sept. 13, 2018) 

  • For sale
  • Sold
  • Repurposed

Sources and notes: Documents and pictures collected from Chicago Public Schools. The following 12 schools have reopened under their original names in other buildings: Burnham, Courtenay, Dett, Drake, Earle, Fiske, Leland, Mays, Melody, Pershing, Wadsworth, Laura S. Ward, Wentworth. School icon by David from the Noun Project