Sarah Karp
Oct 14, 2014

As one of the city's elite selective high schools, Whitney Young received more than $480,000 additional money from the district last year. But that wasn't its only financial advantage.

Grace Donnelly
Oct 14, 2014

The peace mural was designed with pieces of materials broken and placed into colorful mosaics. But the focus of the three dozen people attending a recent dedication of the newly installed mural in Englewood was not on fragments but on a neighborhood coming together....

Katherine Mirani
Oct 13, 2014

As a youth pastor about 20 years ago, Rev. Dr. Marcenia Richards was used to helping young people in the safe space of the Pentecostal church. But when she decided one day to confront a group of kids shouting at one another and on the verge of fighting outside her home,...

Katherine Mirani
Oct 06, 2014

Some of Charlene Carruthers’ strongest memories from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago are of visiting the public aid office with her mother. Caseworkers spoke condescendingly from a desk so high it was difficult to see over. The desk reinforced the feeling of...

From the Magazine

Leveling the playing field

By Angela Caputo
Jul 29, 2014

More than 30 years ago, the federal government sued the Chicago Park District for showering money on parks in predominantly white areas. Today, which area has more money often determines who gets park upgrades.


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