Planners of the Raby School envision combining environmental studies with community organizing, in the spirit of civil rights activist Al Raby, who died in 1988.

The idea was originally pitched to South Shore High School, where members of the planning team currently work. But South Shore—already the site for four small high schools funded under another Gates grant—did not have space to accommodate Raby.

Backers of the Raby school shifted their sights when Flower became available, and have already secured partnership agreements with the Garfield Park Conservatory, Bethel New Life and the Center for Neighborhood Technology.

A potential snag in choosing a principal has yet to be worked out. South Shore teacher Janice Jackson, the group’s choice, has administrator credentials, but has not been approved as a principal by CPS.

Although a plan to have her serve as interim principal with a mentor is pending, interviews with other candidates will begin in this month.

For more information call Janice Jackson at South Shore High School, (773) 535-6180.

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