Stop warring over fixed pie of education funding

Student-based budgeting is a more fair and effective way to fund schools and the students they serve. It ensures schools do not retain tax dollars for students they no longer educate and that money meant for education follows the student to the school that their family chooses, whether it is a charter school, a contract school, or a district-run school.

How to solve the Chicago strike threat

Among the 116 charter schools in Chicago that are in our network, 10 have independent unions representing teachers in negotiations with school management. These schools have been able to reach agreements, largely by acknowledging that expenses must be in line with revenue.

Latest CPS budget doesn’t address systemic problems

With the recent news that Chicago Public Schools is planning a property tax increase to fund operations in the current school year, Chicago’s perpetual debate over school funding has kicked into high gear.  On one side of the debate are advocates who believe that more school funding will create additional programs, more opportunity for students and better academic outcomes.  Across the divide stand those who claim that the district must become more efficient and produce better student outcomes before being rewarded with additional revenue.