On the campaign trail

CTU President Marilyn Stewart fought a contentious post-election battle with predecessor Deborah Lynch to take over the leadership reins. Her three-year term has another 12 months left, yet the campaign is already heating up with one opponent’s hat already in the ring and heated rumors that Lynch wants a rematch.

Q&A with Harvey Grossman

The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois is one of several groups that have filed “friend of the court” briefs in the federal case that will determine whether Chicago Public Schools is released from its long-standing desegregation consent decree. Harvey Grossman says the district still owes a debt to children in segregated communities and needs oversight to ensure that resources are distributed equitably.

Q&A with Dan Zaragoza

Problems with violence and discipline are nothing new at Kennedy High, says senior Dan Zaragoza, who participated in last month’s student-led protest for better security at the Garfield Ridge school. This year’s freshmen, including transfer students from the attendance areas of schools that closed, were especially disrespectful and unruly, he says.

Dropout policy not enforced

After the Illinois Legislature raised the compulsory school attendance age to 17 from 16, the School Board launched a media blitz to announce a new attendance and truancy policy that included a controversial provision requiring parents to sign a consent form before a child drops out. But the board acknowledges it is doing little or nothing to monitor whether schools comply with its new policy.