Lake View a leader in AP calculus

This year, Lake View High School, a city pioneer in innovative math instruction, has one of the most extensive Advanced Placement calculus programs in the country. Sixty-one seniors, about a third of the senior class, are taking the college-level course.

NSF grants

The National Science Foundation, an independent government agency funded by Congress, gives grants to education and research programs in science, math, technology and engineering. Its goal is for all students to be technologically literate when entering the workplace or college. The following are among the larger grants NSF has made to Chicago area institutions in recent years.

$900,000 grant for innovative math teaching

On a hot day in July, students in Bill Buchanan’s math class at Foreman High School saunter around waving fake hundred-dollar bills. In clusters of four, they play dice and card games. But the main attraction is a roulette-like game. The dealer, senior Lisabelle Valle, instructs all players not to touch the board once their bets are placed. One student, who bet all his money on one number and lost, insists on playing one more round. “What do you have for collateral?” demands Lisabelle.