Moving teacher prep closer to schools

For five years, Illinois State University has offered education majors a unique option to fulfill their student teaching requirement: spend a year as an intern in northwest suburban Wheeling Elementary School District 21.

Challenging assignments

Alice Brent proudly shows off the posters her students created for the Cloud Fair, the culminating event of a two-month lesson on weather. Diagrams of storm cycles. Drawings showing how a tornado develops. The mostly hand-drawn charts and illustrations spout technical terminology— precipitation, troposphere, stratus clouds.

Infighting, lawsuits tie CALSC in knots

The organization (CALSC’s) has been unstable since at least the summer of 1998, when it lost $167,000 in the financial collapse of the Latino Institute, which had served as CALSC’s fiscal agent until then. Although then-Executive Director Shiela Castillo secured enough new funding to keep the organization out of the red, she was summarily fired by board vote last December. (Castillo has since filed suit against the organization.) Two board members resigned in the wake of Castillo’s dismissal, leaving the group with a three-person board as 1999 began. Six months later, while the board was recruiting new members, then-Chair William Roberts died.