Re-entry: one man’s road to recovery and redemption

Re-entering society successfully after incarceration can involve overcoming addictions that paved the way to prison. John Williams has found ways to try to stay healthy–physically, mentally and spiritually–while navigating the challenges of recovery. Photo Fellow Grace Donnelly documented his journey.

Our neighborhood pick: Austin

From barbershops to churches to sprawling mansions, the Austin neighborhood on the city’s West Side is home to many establishments with a long history and residents who are eager to maintain and revitalize the community.

Englewood peace mural brings community together

The peace mural was designed with pieces of materials broken and placed into colorful mosaics. But the focus of the three dozen people attending a recent dedication of the newly installed mural in Englewood was not on fragments but on a neighborhood coming together. “We are bringing two communities together today,” Catonya Withers told the group gathered at a viaduct at 63rd Street and Wallace Avenue on Saturday,” so why not come out and celebrate?”