Fighting trauma in the system

Responses vary about how best to reduce the trauma caused to children and families during sexual abuse investigations–”particularly ones facing the disproportionate number of black families. Raelene Freitag, director of the Children’s Research Center in Madison, Wis., advocates an approach called “structured decision-making.” The approach acknowledges the tendency of people’s brains to make snap and emotional judgments that could be biased and provides a set of clearly defined, observable and research-based items to make a decision that the investigator’s supervisor can verify. “Nobody’s a bad person because your brain works a certain way,” she said. “An emotional response is not truth.

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Tyrone Washington no está cansado de trabajar. El muchacho delgado de 27 años con trenzas y un bigote grueso ha estado buscando trabajo desde que salió de la cárcel por lo que el cree es la quinta y última vez en 2008. “Aprendo rápido y soy bueno con las personas,” dice Washington, quien tiene cuatro hijos menores de 7 años y un quinto que nacerá en julio. Se mezclan confianza, frustración y un dejo de desesperación en su voz grave. “Soy hábil y dispuesto a trabajar en cualquier momento.”

Is anything working?

Despite millions of dollars spent and thousands of people served, young people on the South and West Sides of Chicago have some of the highest rates of chronic unemployment in the country.