Merit pay updates from elsewhere

Teachers who submit to and fare well in an in-depth evaluation by administrators, peers, students and parents receive $1,000. Learning a new skill—one identified by the district as particularly important, such as how to use a computer—brings $300. Doing extra work, from sponsoring a club to serving on a school committee, brings $20 to $1,400. And groups of teachers that meet a common academic goal can earn extra money for each member of the group—$300 is the average.

CTU charges race, sex discrimination in suit against reform law

“It appears when one looks at the legislation that its impact and its direction was to punish the Chicago Teachers Union and its members, understanding full well that that membership has a substantial number of minorities and women,” says Lawrence Poltrock, a lawyer for the CTU. About 65 percent of CTU members are from racial minority groups and 72 percent are female, according to the complaint filed June 27 in federal court.