Comings and goings

PRINCIPALS The following acting, interim and assistant principals have received full principal contracts: Myron Berger, Near North Special Ed.; Lona Bibbs, Westinghouse High; Barbara Ellis, Bennett/Shedd; Cheryl Rutherford, Lindblom High. … The following have received interim principal contracts: Debrona Banks, Tilton; Lester Gaines, Curtis; Glennvester Garrett, Lewis; Alice Painter, Hope; Rodolfo Serna, Corkery/Whitney. … Teachers Janice Hill and Carol Miller have received assistant principal contracts at Gompers and Mitchell, respectively. … Principal James Crowe has resigned from McCormick Elementary.

Bilingual teacher shortage

Chicago’s state prekindergarten program currently has 35 teachers with bilingual certificates, and another 31 teachers without bilingual certification who teach non-English-speaking students, says Alice Moss, state prekindergarten manager. Under House Bill 668, those 31 teachers would be required to obtain bilingual certification by the year 2000.

Comings and goings

THE NEW REGIME, COMMUNICATIONS Robin Matell, who has 30 years experience in crisis and employee communications, is the new director of internal communications. For the past year he has been an independent public relations consultant doing pro bono work for the school system as part of the T.I.M.E. Project. Previously, he was vice president of public relations for the American Medical Association and, before that, vice president of corporate communications for Eastern Airlines. Salary: $79,900. … Fred Lowe, former a Chicago Sun-Times business writer for nine years, is writing, editing and producing The Chicago Educator, a new employee newspaper. Salary: $70,000. … Tabrina Davis, former acting director of public affairs at Cook County Hospital, has been appointed public information officer. Salary: $65,000 . … Aurelio Huertas is the new deputy public information officer; previously, he was managing editor of City Schools, a new research-based quarterly of the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.

Comings and … goings

AT PERSHING ROAD George Ruckrich, a 37-year Chicago Police Department veteran who retired last year as deputy superintendent for the department’s bureau of investigative services, has been named director of safety and security. … Powhattan Collins, recently promoted from principal of Whitney Young High School to Region 6 officer, is now the officer for High School Services and Support. Salary: $90,000. Jacqueline Simmons, former principal of Robeson High School, is now his top assistant. Joining them are three high school principals on loan: Charles Vietzen of Hubbard is director of vocational education. Linda Lane of Fenger is in charge of articulation. Tam Hill of Calumet is in charge of restructuring. Ronald Beavers, formerly education administrator in Region 3, is now the administrator for alternative schools. … J. W. Smith, head of support programs/sports is in the high school office as well.