Office of Accountability recommendations:

l. Have staff participate in professional development in classroom management, instruction and team building.

2. Design daily academic activities that stretch students’ thinking.

3. Involve the entire staff in peer- and self-evaluation.

4. Recruit and train parents to assist the school in meaningful ways.

5. Focus on raising student expectations.

6. Follow the School Improvement Plan schedule concerning assessments.

7. Increase opportunities for and strongly encourage participation in collaborative efforts to improve the school.


Neighborhood: West Englewood

Enrollment: 1,470 students

Racial makeup: 100% black

Poverty level: 76.8%

Attendance rate: 72%

Drop-out rate (1995): 54%

Truancy rate (1993): 15.4%

Mobility rate: 51.1%

Reading scores: 3.9% at or above average

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