CPS hearing officers are recommending four schools hold new LSC elections and candidates at three others be disqualified. The recommendations follow a review of 49 challenges protesting election results at 39 schools. Regional education officers will make the final decision.

New elections for parent and community council members were recommended for Avalon Park and Metcalfe elementary schools and Lindblom High. A new teacher election was recommended for Wacker Elementary Schools.

The hearing officers found that certain community winners at Everett Elementary and Lake View High were ineligible to run. At Hughes Elementary, a newly elected parent member, who admitted he was not the legal guardian of a Hughes student, was found ineligible.

Park Manor Elementary, where a recount had been requested, did a recount before the hearing officer rendered an opinion. It confirmed the previously announced results in the parent and community categories but found a new winner for one of the two teacher representative seats.

An attendance boundary dispute has put Salazar Elementary’s LSC election results in question. One set of boundaries was drawn in 1993; a smaller area was defined in February. It was unclear which map was to be used for this year’s election. CPS lawyers must decide which boundary should be in effect.

Since publication of Catalyst’s pre-election LSC coverage (April 2000), the board has updated its candidate totals: 4,070 parents, 1,613 community residents and 1,433 teachers ran in the 2000 election. The total (7,116) is 23 candidates higher than the total in the 1998 elections.

The total number of voters was 143,466—50,377 parents, 30,058 community members 24,595 staff members and 38,436 students voting.

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