More students completing expulsion alternative

When the current board took office in 1995, expulsion was required only for the possession or use of a firearm or a “destructive device.” Today, expulsion also is required for any drug offense, the possession or use of an object that could be used as a weapon (e.g., a box cutter) and a number of violent crimes, including arson and robbery. With the change, the number of expulsion hearings leapt from 97 in 1995-96 to more than 1,700 three years later.

Comings and Goings

AT CLARK STREET Jean Franczyk, chief of staff to the Board of Education since November 1997, has been named manager of faculty training at, an Internet education company based in Deerfield. … Karen Burke, former chief of staff to CPS Chief Operations Officer, has been named manager of construction for the Chicago Park District. … Andrea S. Kerr, formerly director of curriculum, is now deputy officer for teacher recertification and professional standards. The newly created CPS department will monitor compliance with the state’s new teacher recertification law. Kerr was succeeded by John Frantz, previously director of teacher accountability. Franz will oversee curriculum, instruction and professional development.

Comings and Goings

AT CLARK STREET Elaine L. Williams, an associate CPS attorney, has been appointed chief technology officer for the Department of Information Technology Services. She has been acting director since Richard Koeller was fired earlier this year after an unsatisfactory audit of his performance. Salary: $115,000. … CPS awarded a $65,800 security consulting contract to its retired human resources director, Thomas J. Doyle. Doyle will oversee budget and training for the Bureau of Safety and Security on a part-time basis. He also will serve as CPS liaison to the Chicago and Illinois police departments.

LSC challenges filed at 39 schools

The challenges include allegations that a parent winner is not a legal guardian of a child enrolled at the school and that a parent winner no longer lives inside a school’s attendance area. In some cases, school administrators are charged with election misconduct, including electioneering and improper ballot distribution and handling.