Retreats are to be within Chicago city limits only. Overnight accommodations are not permitted.

Travel for school staff and students is to be used for trips beyond Chicago city limits for reasonable expenses with educational justification. The travel justification form must accompany the travel request.

Food and lodging are to be contracted at the government rate when feasible or at reasonable rates. Flights must be coach or economy class.

For audit purposes, principals must maintain all documentation (attendance records, receipts, evaluation data and reports) related to consultant services and travel.


The Consultant Services form (specifying relevance to the School Improvement Plan, selection criteria, impact on student achievement and evaluation plan) must accompany the request for consultant services.

The Chicago Board of Education policy regarding indebtedness must be complied with prior to hiring consultants.


CPS Students

Stipends should not exceed $4.25 per hour.

Stipends shall not be paid for tutoring services provided during the student’s school day.

Stipends are to be paid only for extended-day activities or for summer school.

High school students who participate in vocational and occupational programs may receive a stipend to offset the cost related to supplementary activities.

College Tutors

College students may tutor, with stipends not to exceed $5.27 per hour.

Parent and Community Assistants

Parent and community assistants should not be paid more than three hours per day at $7.74 per hour.

Summer School Program

Expenditures should be limited to student activities only.

Security Services

Security staff must go through personal background checks and receive appropriate training prior to employment.

Physical Education

An equipment list must accompany the program design, which should specify that the equipment supports the School Improvement Plan and is age-appropriate for the grade level of participating students.

Source: Chicago Public Schools

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