year after a grade-changing scandal at Prosser Vocational High School led to the ouster of the principal and assistant principal, the School Reform Board has adopted the system’s first policy on changing grades.

If a principal changes a student’s grade, he or she must give the teacher a written explanation of the reasons. Within five days, the teacher may appeal the change to the region education officer. The officer must review the case and make a final ruling within 10 days.

At Prosser, last year’s scandal led Chief Executive Officer Paul Vallas to disband the local school council as well as remove the two top administrators.

The Reform Board also has adopted a policy requiring schools on controlled enrollment to maintain first-come, first-served waiting lists for students forced to attend schools outside the neighborhood. Students on a school’s list will be allowed to transfer to their neighborhood school as soon as enrollment drops to 90 percent of design capacity.

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