Office of Accountability recommendations

l. Regulate heat on the third floor, decorate the remaining building, complete repairs to washrooms in a timely manner and clean the building more effectively.

2. Expand the 3rd-grade “teaming” approach using strengths and interests of teachers.

3. Request a preschool program, and be prepared to build a case for a preschool if denied.

4. Inservice training in small-group instruction and preparing learning center activities.

5. The principal should make regular school visits to classrooms, and teachers should have training in lesson plan development.

6. Purchase resource materials to address students’ individual learning styles, and include them in lesson plans.

7. Institute a promptness incentive to address student tardiness.

8. Expedite the situation with AWOL teacher to allow principal to fill position with permanant qualified teacher.

9. Identify teacher with poor classroom management and begin a program for skill improvement.

10. Inservice teachers on professional dress and learning environment.

11. Develop methods of better communication for all staff members and include local school council whenever possible.


Neighborhood: Near West Side

Enrollment: 430 students

Racial makeup: 99% black

Poverty level: 98.3%

Attendance rate: 92.3%

Truancy rate: 9.6%

Mobility rate: 28.9%

Reading scores: 11.9% at or above average

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