Comings and Goings

Allan Alson, former executive director of the CPS Office of High School Transformation, is the new director of leadership development at the Consortium for Educational Change; CPS is slated to get $30 million less from Springfield this year

Playing good cop, bad cop

Area Instructional Officer Olga La Luz conducts a walkthrough at Lowell Elementary.

Since the district hired area instructional officers in 2002, some parts of the city have made significant achievement gains while others still lag behind. AIOs with a winning track record let effective principals run with the ball, but provide strong support to those who need it.

Intensive academic care at Moos

Maria Cruz was thrilled when she became principal of Moos Elementary, but she knew that something needed to be done to boost students’ academic performance, especially in reading, and to get the school off probation, where it had landed the previous year. Effective, focused support from the area office helped.