Pricey selective-enrollment schools take center stage

In 1998, CPS announced the construction of Northside College Prep, the first new high school in over 20 years. It became just the first of 10 test-in college prep high school created in a bid to retain the city’s middle class. At a cost of more than $45 million, Northside set a record.

For the Record: New school utilization data

The new data reveals some telling information about which schools might be in danger of closing in the future and which ones are on more solid footing as a result of taking in displaced students. More than one-third of charter campuses are labeled as under-utilized, though proponents say that the identification is misleading.

Race ‘elephant in the room’ with Lincoln overcrowding

Parents from Lincoln Elementary reacted at Wednesday’s board meeting to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial plan to build an $18 million addition to the school, with some expressing elation while others pointed out a less expensive solution: redrawing attendance boundaries so some Lincoln students would be sent to other nearby schools, Alcott or Mayer.

Fewer students go to welcoming schools, task force wants more info

UPDATE: Admitting that information officials provided to a state task force had errors, the district released new numbers Friday showing that 60 percent of students displaced by closings are attending the designated welcoming school.

All summer, CPS leaders projected that about 80 percent of students would enroll in the welcoming schools, investing millions in the schools to to try to ensure that they provided a better learning environment than the closed schools.