The top three officials of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association were re-elected despite having to run as challengers.

Beverly Tunney will continue as president; Medill Primary Principal Doris Scott, as secretary; and Foreman High Principal Joe Garvey, as treasurer. None was slated for re-election after poor attendance put control of the nominating committee into the hands of group that was unhappy with the incumbents’ leadership. (See Catalyst, April 1998.)

At press time, vote totals were not available. However, the nominating committee’s choice for president, Calhoun North Principal Henry Thompson, III, says he accepts defeat. “I think that the election was conducted fairly,” he says.

Since none of the three candidates for vice president for high school assistant principal received a majority, the election is being re-run, an association spokesperson reports. The candidates are Ken Hunter of Amundsen, the nominating committee’s choice; Sheryl Brown- Rivers also of Amundsen and Sandra Fontanez-Phelan of Mather. The results will be reported June 12.

The following vice presidents were elected without opposition: Fiske Principal Clarice Berry, elementary principals; Bogan Principal Linda Pierzchalski, high school principals; Park Manor Assistant Principal Amirita Rodgers, elementary assistant principals; and Illinois Administrators Academy Director Dolores Gonzalez, central office administrators.

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