After complaints were filed by the Chicago Teachers Union with the Illinois Department of Labor, these schools were cited in 2006 for having unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. Many of the problems are in the process of being repaired, union officials say.

Belmont-Cragin: Dust from sandblasting and power-washing during exterior masonry work came into classrooms through broken or missing windows, causing heavy buildup on window sills, books and furniture. “Employees and students with existing respiratory problems were exposed to air contaminants that triggered asthma attacks,” the citation states.

Henry, Irving Park: Roof leaks in two classrooms in the annex damaged ceiling tiles and forced the staff to use buckets to catch the water. In one room, water flowed down a wall next to an electrical outlet.

Howe, Austin: “Moisture intrusion” caused “grossly peeled and cracked wall paints and musty odor” in one classroom, the citation states. “The auditorium-gym’s hardwood floors were warped and/or broke [sic]; baseboards were loose and had fallen.”

Jensen, East Garfield Park: A “severe roof leak” caused rain to pour into the building in various areas, including a stairwell and hallway. Mold buildup was noted in two classrooms and the gym. At one point, the kitchen and cafeteria had to be shut down because of the leaks.

Kennedy High, Garfield Ridge: Roof leaks allowed rainwater to drip onto the floors, along the walls and into an electrical outlet. A library aide received a severe electrical shock and was hospitalized when she plugged a computer into the outlet.

Locke Charter, East Garfield Park: Cracked, chipping or missing floor tiles, evidence of water leaks and asbestos problems. A follow-up report on March 26 of this year found the leaks were still a problem, but the others had been remedied.

Montefiore, Near West Side: See story.

Monroe, Logan Square: See story.

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