Incoming turnaround principals say earning students’ trust will be a key priority for teachers in the fall. For this reason, Howe and Morton will delay having middle-grades students change classes and teachers for different subjects.

“It’s going to depend upon the students, but we have the staff in place to go departmental,” says Connie Grason, incoming principal at Morton. This could happen as early as mid-year, she adds.

An evaluation conducted last year by a group of educators from outside the school found that students blame themselves for Harper’s failing status, according to Donald Fraynd, who is overseeing the turnaround.

Every adult in the building, even lunchroom workers, will receive training this summer in social-emotional interventions and classroom management.

  Number of teachers Number rehired Percent retained  
Orr High School 103 22 21%  
Howe 26 0 0%  
Morton 25 2 8%  
Harper High School 88 10 11%  
Copernicus 23 2 9%  
Fulton 40 2 5%  
  Number of turnaround faculty Percent hired Number of 1st-year teachers Number endorsed in math or science
Orr High School 93 92% 20 18
Howe 29 93% 10 2
Morton 18 94% 4 5
Harper High School 58 At least 50% N/A N/A 
Copernicus N/A 90% N/A N/A
Fulton N/A 60% N/A N/A

NOTES: Teacher counts include certified guidance counselors. Data are estimates.
SOURCES: Turnaround school principals and administrators, CPS Office of School Turnarounds

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