What’s open in your region of Illinois’ coronavirus plan?

Search by address to track stages of the regions and tiers created under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s reopening plan to phase out stay-at-home orders as the pandemic unfolds.


Paula Friedrich, Manuel Martinez / WBEZ

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Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker released a five-stage reopening plan for the state on May 5.

This tool, presented in collaboration with WBEZ, allows you to search an address to see which region it’s in and the current phase of that region. It also lays out what these phases look like — what’s open, what’s restricted and who’s encouraged to work from home.

Pritzker modified the reopening plan on July 15 by introducing mitigation tiers that the state could implement to prevent a surge in COVID-19 infections. The state is watching three metrics — positivity rates, hospital admissions and available hospital capacity — to determine whether to impose more restrictions.  

The plan divides the state into eleven regions that may have restrictions in place independently of one another. 

Here’s a guide to assess the transmission risk of resuming common group activities as businesses and public areas reopen, according to a panel of infectious disease and public health experts.

Note: Illinois is a home rule state, which means many municipalities, such as Chicago, may set their own stricter reopening guidelines. Municipalities may not set guidelines that are less stringent than the state’s.

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