The Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force, which has long been critical of CPS school closing and turnaround decisions, announced at its Monday meeting that schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard would attend the next task force meeting July 19.

State Rep. Cynthia Soto (D-4th Dist.) says the task force is also planning a “summit” in collaboration with the Illinois House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee. No date has been set, but Soto says the task force and committee will ask community members and CPS officials to join them.

In addition, parents and local school council members raised questions Monday about whether students at Price Elementary, which is closing, received their promised support services and transition plans. Some also complained they the Academy for Urban School Leadership had not yet offered details about curriculum and other changes at the fall’s batch of AUSL turnaround schools.

As a result, the task force adopted a motion asking for AUSL leaders to appear before it and present their plans.

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