Why more Chicago workers need paid sick days

With the economy like it is, it is really difficult for parents, especially single parents, to have to choose between the wellness of our children or jobs. But about 42 percent of the private-sector workforce in Chicago does not have access to even a single paid sick day.

Is the sun finally shining on TIF spending?

It looks like the clouds are beginning to part, allowing some light to shine on Chicago’s tax increment financing program. We were poking around on the city’s website this week and discovered a series of reports have surfaced, detailing the number of jobs created in exchange for public subsidies. Last month, we called out city officials for failing to post employment certification reports, despite a legal requirement to do so under the TIF Sunshine Ordinance. That law was adopted unanimously by the City Council back in 2009. But four years after the City Council voted to expose the city’s $1 billion “shadow budget,” taxpayers were still in the dark about how many jobs the city was getting in return for their money.